In the near future, THEY run the spirits world. Each sip of THEIR spirit is a self-fulfilling prophecy, a senses-dulling juice that robs us of our ability to taste. We forget the taste of love and tradition a producer puts in each bottle with every taste of THEIR juice, manufactured to dull our mind. THEY don't want the real juice to reach you. But there's hope. From deep within a fortified cellar, THE CAPTAIN leads his team of action couriers, THE STREET PUMAS, bringing you, the people, the last of the real good stuff. The Street Pumas battle day and date against the forces of THEY, each order death-defying, each hand-delivery insurgent. 

THEY don't want you to remember the good stuff. But the Street Pumas bring it to your door. The last of the true spirit in a world of mechanization and brand oppression. No matter what THEY do, the Street Pumas will always have the truth.

Here, at the end of the world, one sip is a revolution.